Eline de Groot
Holistic Bodywork


Meet Eline

'For me, healing is about (re) connecting with your wholeness. If your intelligent & loving awareness is actually in the present, connected to you whole being, your body will naturally move towards health' 

My Specializations

I like to work with people who are highly sensitive and who are on their personal path of living more in truth with themselves.

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Burn out

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Stress & tension

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High Sensitivity

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Sleep Disorders

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Unprocessed emotions


What Clients Say

In the past three weeks I had the privilege of being massaged by Eline twice during the evenings of the Sauna caravan. Of course you massage with your hands, but Eline mainly massages, it seems, from the heart. She carefully tunes in to your body, to the energy, to where it flows or where the body is blocking and intuitively, alternating firmly and softly, she reads what the body asks and answers with her hands to thank you for accepting afterwards. Thanks Eline!