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Psychedelic Somatic Ceremony

Do you feel the desire to dive deeper, within yourself?

Within your body, your mind, within levels of consciousness?

To either work with a specific theme/problem in your life or to 'simply' connect more to your true self?


If your answer is yes, then a Psychedelic Somatic Ceremony might be the answer. These ceremonies, under the influence of psilocybine, have the power to alow you to touch layers deep within yourself, where true healing can occur.

If you are curious to learn more, I welcome you to discover all about the Psychedelic Somatic Ceremonies I offer through reading the several topics below.


Feel free to explore my free, digital handout.

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My vision


Psychedelics have changed my life. It has opened me to new dimensions, layers of reality that exist outside of the five known senses.

I want to be able to offer that same kind of change for others. The most beautiful thing for me, is helping others activate their self healing abilities and to make them aware of the different layers we all have, next to our emotional, physical and mental layers. It is essentially about empowering people.



  • To bridge the gap between the mental,
    the physical and the energetic field

  • To transport you to the energetic field, where everything is in motion

  • To allow you to view the present - and the past - in a different way

  • To drop you into your body

  • To connect you to the true essence of your being

  • To help you enter a process of change


Self Healing

I aim to help you activate

the self healing ability

we all naturally possess.


Ceremonies based on

spiritual, mental, physical

and energetic healing.


To drop you back into your being and connect you to your inner essence.


Guidance through talk,

touch and sound - for a

full spectrum approach.

My way of working

To me, the bodywork I do during these ceremonies is essential. Often times, when people undergo a truffle trip, they can get ‘stuck’ in the mind level.

My mission is to make sure you go beyond that - to a level that is more essential to your being.

My vision is that a lot - if not most - of the healing takes place in the body itself. Therefor, the bodywork I do, can help you tap into that layer so that real healing can occur. It activates the self healing ability we all possess.

Compared to other Psilocybine /Magic Truffle Facilitators, I offer guidance on different levels. I use different techniques like Shamanism (energy work, sound healing) but also grounding techniques such as touch and massage, next to more ’traditional’ mental guidance/conversations with several tools. These different layers of guidance offer safety and create a holistic experience. Usually, I use all these techniques within one session. However I always feel in with the specific person what they need, where they are in their process, how the ceremony goes and tailor my guidance to that.



I studied psychology, and I visited psychologists in the beginning of my twenties. 

I noticed that the regular psychology is missing some essential layers or awareness, including the perspective: “life is not happening to us but we are dreaming and creating life”. To me, a therapist is as much as learning from a client as a client learns from a therapist (we both meet each other to learn from). Speaking is one way of healing and often doesn’t fully release the stuck energy behind a belief/emotion/pattern.  Furthermore, it's so important that clients are acknowledged as spiritual beings who are part of life's creation and also a life creator themselves. People need to be empowered by this knowledge: The physical world is a divine manifested dream, coming through us. Through you. We are not a victim of life. 

These Psychedelic Somatic Ceremonies have the power of doing and making you realizing this.

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Your intentions &


The main reason for people wanting to undergo a Psychedelic Somatic Ceremony is usually that they want to touch upon shadow sides or layers that they cannot reach through regular therapy. These shadow sides or layers are often covered by guild, shame, pain or are simply buried too deep to reach. Now your question might be, why would I want to feel those shadow sides, those layers? The answer to me is, to be more whole. To integrate all parts of yourself in your being. To feel and be more complete as a human being. To understand why things are the way they are, why certain themes keep reoccurring, to be more in your body, to feel safer within yourself. To make contact with your wholeness - on all levels.

About 1-2 weeks before the session, we have an intake digital meeting of about 45 minutes to get to know each other and to clarify your intentions.

The most important thing is that we build a layer of trust beforehand. Only if this layer of trust has been established, we will continue the process. Every person that I have guided before, arrives with a sense of nervousness. This is completely normal. However, I have found, the curiosity is much greater and the layer of trust we established guides you through the proces.




Start by researching psylocibin, to make sure you have some knowledge beforehand.


The days before, make sure you get lots of rest and eat healthy foods to nourish your body.


Before the ceremony, we will work on clarifying your inention(s) - to start your journey.


Keep track of your dreams the days before the ceremony; they often already give a lot of insight.

The ceremony.

We start with a cup of tea, to check in with you and where you are at (emotionally, physically, et cetera). After that, you will ingest the truffles, in a meditative way - under my guidance with the intention you have prepared. Afterwards I ask you to lay down on the massage table, where you will receive touch and massage - to make sure you really ‘land’ in the moment, in your body. What happens afterwards is really depended on the person and the journey. Unique and different every time. You will start to drop into a deeper sense of consciousness and meanwhile myself and a musician will guide you - through sound healing, shamanistic guidance and energy work. Depending on where you are at in your journey, we can also have conversations -

on the mental level.
In total, the ceremony usually takes somewhere around 5 - 6 hours. Afterwards, there is an opportunity for reflection. I will then cook to make sure you are nourished and so you can land back into the present moment.



 After the ceremonie we will have 3 (online) meetings to integrate your ceremony spread over 2 -3 months. It's a possibility and up to you if you want to continue with microdosing truffels in this time.

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