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Reconnecting us with (our) nature.

I believe that most of us, who grew up in the West, are quite disconnected

from (our) nature.

This awareness is growing more and more. To me, it is all a mirror of how we are disconnected from our own nature, our own body,

the elements within. At the same time; All is one. The separation of this belief itself might be the biggest cause of the experienced dislocation of our being.

I facilitate sacred containers whereby people can sink deeper in their true nature. Combining body-, sound- and energywork with coaching techniques like Voice Dialogue. We look at all that is 'in the way' of living your own truth. 

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The path of healing.

My path of energy healing and bodywork started after I completed my Masters in Social Psychology (2010) at the UvA. It was a big life change. Practicing Reiki, at that time, opened up a whole new world to me; things happened that my academically trained mind couldn't imagine. And my curiosity about alternative healing was awakened.

In the following years I practiced a lot on people around me and I found out that I have a special connection with the healing effect of sounds.

From 2017 I started offering energetic sessions professionally.

In 2018 I followed a dearmouring course with Daphne van der Putten.

In 2019 I completed my training in Organ Healing, based in Siberian healing traditions and the Healing Tao. While improving my naturally given massage skills as a masseuse in 5-star hotels, I started my own practice in 2020 in bodywork.


At the New Yoga School I followed a course in Consciousness Coaching (2022). In 2022 I followed a Voice Dialogue basic training with Robert Stamboliev and in the meantime I am halfway through the Voice Dialogue year, taught by Robert.

Hallo, I am Eline.

I am a seeker of truth, love and healing.

Dancing keeps me sane on the path of constant change. Dancing connects my soul to the earth and allows my life energy to flow.

I like to challenge the persona, to speak about 'forgotten' topics, bring new perspectives to the attention. All to stretch the mind.

Sunsets, morning light through the trees, cloud formations are my first contact with the greater Mystery. In my 20s I worked as a photographer but I hardly take any pictures anymore. I have less need to capture the magic.


I am 36 years old and I have led a diverse life so far. Many big travels over the world that have introduced me to new worlds. I have been involved in different Freelance projects. For example, I am the co-founder of dance ship Odessa in Amsterdam and of Mystic Temple Massage Concerts.

I have immersed myself in community building, by following various workshops with Kelly Bryson, I lived in in Bergerac for 2 months in residency project called 'Embodying Collective Transformation' (2022), I followed different NVC courses with Yoram Mosemzon, I took part in a 6 week internal Ecovillage Design training (2023) of the EDE. All to experience how we can live more in truth with ourselves and with each other.

The path of tantra has been a big inspiration for me around true connection. 

I also followed various clowning workshops at Holy Stoppit (2017-2019) in Bristol and at Kirsten Kuiper (2023) in Utrecht.

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