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Reconnecting us to (our) nature

I believe that most of us, who grew up in the West, are quite disconnected

from (our) nature.

This awareness is growing more and more. To me, it is all a mirror of how we are disconnected from our own nature, our own body,

the elements within. At the same time; All is one. The separation of this belief itself might be the biggest cause of the experienced dislocation of our being.

I facilitate sacred containers whereby people can sink deeper in their true nature. Combining body-, sound- and energywork with coaching techniques like Voice Dialogue. We look at all that is 'in the way' of living your own truth. 

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Hello, I am Eline.

I am a seeker of truth, for love and healing. Dancing is my addiction. Without, I believe, I would lose my life force. Cause it's brings the spiritual in to the physicial realm.

I like to challenge the mind, to bring up the topic where people don't speak about, to show the perspective most people don't want to see. Sunset skies are my first emergence contact to the Bigger Mystery. I used to work as photographer but I don't take much pictures anymore. This has helped me to be more present in the moment.


I am 35 years old and have lived a diverse life so far. I have called different places in the world my home, however always with a homebase in Amsterdam.  Community life is something important to me. I created different hubs in Amsterdam for conscious gatherings and dance. Furthermore, I co-founded an amazing Massage Music experience, called Mystic Temple. How to create a culture whereby people live in relation to their original group nature, is an ongoing mission which is ever present throughout my life.

The path of healing.

My path of Energy Healing and Bodywork started to become part of my life after I finished my Master degree in Social Psychology in 2010 (University of Amsterdam).

It was a big shift in my life. Practicing Reiki during this time, was the first spark which opened a new world for me;

things happened which I couldn't explain with my critical Academical trained mind.


I finished my education in Organ Healing based on Siberian healing traditions and on Healing Tao in 2019.

Afterwards, combined with my experience as a masseuse in 5-star hotels, I set up my own practice from home combining Massage and Energy Healing.


In 2022 I finished a Conscious Coaching course at the Nieuwe Yogaschool and currently I study the yeartraining on Voice Dialogue with Robert Stamboliev. 

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