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Sacred Relating Training (online)

A touch & communication experience, to bring deeper soul connections to your relationship(s).

When do we truly meet?

Relating to others happens easily, but when do people, even the deepest lovers, truly connect? Our culture tends to avoid confronting truths and neglects our own needs in connection with others. We rarely connect from the heart because we don't know how to integrate it into our communication. Naturally, this is reflected in our relationships. Additionally, most of us don't take the time to slow down and be fully present with our bodies without a sexual goal. As a result, our important relationships lack the quality needed to feel truly met by the other. This genuine connection allows us to find healing within ourselves—one of the greatest gifts of relationships.

Deepen your relationship by meeting beyond stories, in presence.

Imagine if you acknowledged that your relationship with your loved one is actually your path to spiritual growth. You have support to express what's bothering you, you can stay present with your loved one even when triggered, and you share a ritual that allows you both to truly connect. Imagine how that would feel. 


Beyond Communication

Using different approaches in the live calls you will deepen your relationship and connection by meeting your partner farther than stories.Empathic listening, speak your truth, learn to navigate difficult conversations & uncover the parts of yourself that may resist your essential longing to truly connect.

Sacred Relating 
Intuitive Bliss Massage 
Beyond Communication


Intuitive Bliss Massage

During the offline part of the course you will receive videos which guide you gently to a deep meditative state of physical connection. Learn how to massage with full presence and intuition. Move beyond techniques and embrace a heart-centered approach, allowing you to trust in your innate healing abilities.

What will you receive?

~ 12 courses over 3 moon cycles (12 weeks): 6 at a fixed time and 6 at your own pace.

~ Around every new and full moon (every 2nd Tuesday) there will be an online live meetings with a cozy community. The practices offered in these calls are followed live by you and your partner in the privacy of your living room.

                      ~ Live meetings incorporating tools of Beyond Communication.

~ Around every waxing and waning moon (every 2nd week in between the live calls) you will receive an email with a 1.5-hour Intuitive Bliss Massage prompt. With a comfortable floor, enough pillows, and candlelight, you can create a meditative healing space with your partner.


What's my personal story behind this training?

It's painful for me to witness the tragedy of human connections. I long for deep connections in relationships and friendships, but it's not always easy. I've lost loved ones, which wouldn't have happened if I had the tools I have now. My studies in Social Psychology (MSc) didn't provide practical knowledge on this.


Ten years ago, I decided to live in community and create a new culture of togetherness. I felt the urge to learn tools for true and deep connection. As an energy worker, I realized my hands intuitively know what to do when I deeply tune into the energy field, bringing healing. Fully present touch fosters a deep connection that verbal communication can't match.


Through my personal journey in Tantra and work in Transformation Coaching, I've gained many tools that I now want to share!


Techniques and Practices in Beyond Communication

This Course integrates a variety of powerful exercises and methodologies, including:

~ Voice Dialogue: Explore different aspects of your personality and how they influence your interactions.

~ Tantra: Engage in practices that enhance intimacy and presence.

~ Nonviolent Communication (NVC): Learn to communicate with empathy and honesty, fostering deeper understanding and connection.

~ Authentic Relating: Practice being present and genuine in your interactions, building trust and connection. Focusing: Develop a deeper awareness of your inner experiences and how they affect your communication.

This course is not Tantra, relationship therapy, a communication course, shadow work, or a massage course—yet it incorporates the best parts of different modalities to give you essential tools for taking your relationships to a new level.


For Who

For parents, fresh couples, lovers, close friends & deep connection seekers who already have an affinity with personal or spiritual growth - You sign in as a couple -​​



Life meetings :Tuesdays 19.30 -21.30 CEST

on the 11th & 24th of September, the 8th, 27th (=Saturday) & 29th of October and the 5th, 19th of November.

Offline videos: In the weeks in between (on the full and new moons).

Investment: 222-333 euro’s for a couple -You pay accordingly to what you have to spend.

How to book:

No reason why not to do take this flight together!

* Half of the classes can be done in your own time.

* No prior experience in authentic connection practices is necessary.

* You spend 80% of the course time in a private setting, and you still receive guidance.

* You will be part of a supportive community.

* You will learn the tools to bring more connection without needing relationship therapy.

‘I loved how the workshop took me out of my head and invited me to feel in my body. For the first time a workshop which wasn't about learning techniques but focused on feeling & doing. It was a revelation to realize I could trust my own body. It was incredibly refreshing and absolutely fantastic.’


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