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Sacred Facilitation

Let me listen, with you.

Let us listen to your body.

Let us listen to your voice.

Cause your Soul speaks through her.

What is she speaking through the depth of your breath?

What is she whispering through the colours of your stories?

Which direction she wants to expand towards?

What are you feelings telling us.

Let me listen with you.

Let us listen.


Sacred Faciltiation.

I offer sacred facilitation by combining holistic coaching with energy-, body- and soundwork. Coaching on broadening your awareness towards the differents part of yourself and connecting more to self expression. Bodywork as a tool to bring you more in connection to your body, by feeling more deeply. Both I see as an important aspect of spiritual development. Feeling deeper and expressing more of who you are.

We will start with an intake to get clear what your quest is about and where you are on your path of self-development. From here we will make together a plan.The intake sessions are online and from then the sessions take place in real life. Depending on where you live, I am located 

Holistic Coaching.

A big inner conflict towards a career decision you need to make, feeling jealousy towards your best friend, your innerchild vs your inner caretaker, admiring someone cause he has something you might repress. This is all connected to the different energies, parts and archetypes we carry. 

 I use 'Partwork' like Voice Dialogue during the coaching to give you a chance to align more. By expressing the different energies of our beautiful yet fragmented being, we can create integration. More wholeness. And also more in control. As you will decide yourself who is sitting behind the steering wheel.


Body-, Sound- and Energywork.

The aim is to lower you soul back into your body. Because of genetic (or karmic) reasons, physical or emotional traumas in your life, your soul can be disconnected from the presence, from your body. 'Dissociation' is a description of this effect of that in regular psychology, or 'fragmentation of the soul' in Shamanic philosophy.  With Energy work, physical massage, organ massage and the use of sounds, we will bring your presence back into your body. You will connect more effectively to your emotions and might be able to let go of physical pains, as your body is now directed by your own (unconscious) intelligent awareness.


Free energy check.

Let's meet each other to see if our energies 'vibe'. Would you like to have me on your side, do I think I can help you and how could that be?

 We can figure this easily out within the realm of what I like to call 'Energy Check'. Book a free 30 minute Energy Check with me,

to discuss your and my intentions. 

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Private Psychedelic


Do you feel the desire to dive deeper, within yourself?

Within your body, your mind, within levels of consciousness?

To either work with a specific theme/problem in your life or to 'simply' connect more to your true self?


If your answer is yes, then a Psychedelic Somatic Ceremony might be the answer. These ceremonies, under the influence of psilocybine, have the power to allow you to touch layers deep within yourself, where true healing can occur.

The Psychedelic Somatic Ceremonies come with an intake call, three coaching integration calls afterwards and are fully guided by me and an extra musician, with sound-, energy and bodywork.

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