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Below you will find an overview of the indications of the prices per session.

I also offer packages.

When you start your journey with me, we will always discuss the financial and practical details upfront, as it depends on your unique situation.

Sacred Facilitation

€111,- EUR
Per 90 minutes

Combination of Holistic Coaching and

Body-, Sound- and Energywork.

Dependent on where you are at and your request, we decide what is needed.

At the start of your journey, we can discuss

how many sessions you want or need.

This might change throughout the process.

Truffle Ceremony

€1222,- EUR
±10 Hours

Under guidance of an extra musician 

Including 1 intake and 3 follow up calls 

Excluding location

±6 hours Truffle Ceremony

+ 45 min intake

+ 3 follow up calls (45 min)

Truffle Ceremony
for two or more people

Price on request

If you have a friend or a group of people you want to go through the journey together,

we can adjust a journey on size,

whereby I possibly invite extra colleagues.

±6 hours Truffle Ceremony

+ 45 min intake

+ 3 follow up calls (45 min)

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One of the keys to wholeness is self awareness. With techniques like Voice Dialogue, Internal Family System, Empathic listening, more common coaching techniques and a lot of intuition, I help you to come in a more truth and close relationship with yourself.

Package Deal
Holistic Coach & Bodywork

€666,- EUR
7 Sessions

Consisting of 7 sessions (Combination of

Holistic Coaching and Body-, Sound- and Energywork.), with or without microdosing.

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"Wow! Eline is a natural healer. She can sense blockages
in the body with effortless ease. And let the energy flow again."

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