About Me

My path of Energy Healing and bodywork started after I finished my Master degree in Social Psychology in 2010, when I received my first Reiki initiation. After this initiation I started practising on my friends and family, things happened which I couldn't explain with my critical Academical trained mind. I had to learn to trust my intuition and to give more space to techniques that are presented to me. By travelling and experiences different cultures , through the lens of a photographer and backpacker, I started to recognise the power behind more ancient ancient wisdom and healing techniques.  Also I realized that the healing techniques I use and naturally come through me, have a lot of overlap with Shamanistic and other ancient cultures. Meanwhile, I received more Reiki (2010, 2017, 2019) initiations, a healing initiation from a Shaman in Lesotho (2014) and  last year (2019) I finished my education in Organ Healing based on Siberian healing traditions and on Healing Tao. In 2018 I started to work in 5-star hotels as a Masseuse, and also set up my own practice combining Massage and Energy Healing.


Here we are.

The video you see is made by my friend and client Coen Dijkstra. He proposed to make a video about me, so my clients have more an idea about who I am. He followed me on my morning routine and during the dancing evenings I host in Amsterdam Noord.